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5 Epic India-Pakistan Matches in ICC Events

Wills World Cup, 2nd Quarterfinal, 1996
For any Indian cricket fan, the 1996 World Cup is remembered largely for the 2nd quarterfinal between India and Pakistan, played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. Though I was a little boy then, I vividly remember the key moments from the match. 
With high-voltage tension, sledging, and brilliant performances, the match was a complete blockbuster. Batting first, India posted 287 runs on the board, helped mainly by the solid batting from Navjot Singh Sidhu (93 runs) and some late-over flourish by Ajay Jadeja (45 runs in 25 balls).
Then came the moment of the match: the ugly verbal-spat between Aamer Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad. Aamer started playing aggressively and looked in hurry to finish the match early. After smashing Prasad for a boundary, brashly signaled the bowler to fetch the ball. However, the bowler had the last laugh. Off the very next ball, Prasad bowled Sohail and showed him the way to the dressing room and the Chinnaswamy Stad…

Review: The Insider - Decoding the Craft of Cricket

I bought this book (The Insider - Decoding the Craft of Cricket) soon after its release mainly because I have been a fan of Aakash Chopra’s columns; and, not to mention, of his commentary, too. Unfortunately, I could never start reading the book immediately, and all for a long time it was sitting pretty on my bookshelf. However, I have read it now and I am happy to share my experience of the book.  
Aakash Chopra is a familiar face in the commentary box. And, for those like me who follow cricket writings, would know Aakash can be trusted with his words too.
In his third book, The Insider, Aakash Chopra tries to capture the various nuances involved in the game of cricket: how players think, what goes into making great players, what makes a player successful, how a player fails. He has shed light on mind games that go on between players and teams. What factors determine a player’s form? How a player should prepare for Tests, ODIs, and T20s. How certain players are successful and how some…

Did Tremendous Success Of Bahubali Ring The Death Bell For Bollywood?

Bahubali, a vast historical drama that fascinated millions of Indian moviegoers this month, has left the Indian Film Industry a little perplexed, with box-office experts viewing the movie’s runaway success as a warning bell for Bollywood.

Though a regional film, made in Telugu-language, and staring actors, not known outside of south India, Bahubali has made a tremendous business of over 850 million rupees within a fortnight of its release, in Bollywood’s traditional stronghold.

What is even more interesting is that the film’s good run at the box-office was not affected by the release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, a new Hindi film featuring the star actor Salman Khan.

It’s not just a regional film like Bahubali, dubbed as the most expensive cinema made in India with top-notch computer graphic, which is threatening Bollywood’s monopoly in the country. Out of the top five successful films in the first half of 2015, three were from Hollywood.

Released in April, Furious 7, the seventh film in the ‘Fa…

Virender Sehwag Retires - Thus Ends The Golden Years Of Indian Cricket

Virender Sehwag won’t play cricket for India anymore. With his retirement, the golden era of Indian cricket is over.

A group of highly skilled and passionate cricketers, who formed one of the best line-ups in world, helped take Indian cricket to new heights that resulted in the team’s unprecedented rise to attain the numero uno status in Tests for the first time in 2009.

By the time India reached the top spot in test ranking in 2009, Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble had already hung their boots. A few years later, in 2012, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman retired. A year later, Sachin Tendulkar decided to quit international cricket. With Sehwag’s departure from international cricket, the golden era of Indian cricket is now a piece of history.
These players, now iconic figures in Indian cricket, gave wings to the imagination of every cricket fan in the country, entertained cricket viewers around the world, brought grace and dignity to the sport and gave us sweet memories to last forever.
Not often …

The Untold Secrets Of The Sea

Sea lovers of the world unite!

The essence of sea—its beauty and charm—can only be felt by people who love visiting the beaches and dreams of building a farmhouse, maybe someday, near a seaside so that they can absorb the awesomeness of early morning sunrise over a cup of tea looking at the waves, enjoy the soothing evening breeze after the sunset, or relish the sumptuous seafood.

Yes, there are such people who long to spend their lives on a beach island. If you ask them what’s so special about the sea, they will tell you there's something which is beyond explanation—there is something that attracts them—is it the waves, the beach-sand, the seashells, the sound of waves hitting the shores... they don’t know. Sometimes it is any one of these factors, sometimes it is a combination of all the factors. Simply put, you have to be there, right in front of the sea, embracing the breeze, and welcoming the waves as if they were your own, in order to know what exactly makes people fall f…

How Stars Wish

Last night I saw a cute little boy, a beautiful woman and a tinsel town heartthrob, wish upon a star. I tried to examine them (their eyes) very closely. From many light-years away, I was witness to the innocence and hapless look on their faces. Everyday so many questions and wishes are sent up to the sky with anticipation that my friends and members of the space, who twinkle during the night, would have the answers to all the problems. As I look at their tearful eyes, I can’t help but wonder what is it that has made us seem so superior in their minds. Why do they feel we are extraordinary? What makes them think we are invincible? On the contrary, it is they who are gifted with all the powers which we, from up here, believe is nothing less than special.

As I saw the beautiful woman last night with folded hands praying for her husband’s well-being, I too wished someone would care for me the same way. I have never known what it is to be cared and loved.
When I saw the cute …

Autos and Ladies!

A typical auto ride on the Kolkata roads or lanes is no longer all that fun. Times have changed and so have the way autos move around in the city. Things, however, were a lot different even few years back. But those days are long gone when one didn’t have to worry a lot about going out in the morning. Autos were readily available, and the autowallas were more than happy to give you a ride. 

But now it’s different. And in the changed scenario, people have also become a lot more aggressive. They are ready to push, pull, shove, and even abuse in order to get a seat. Not quite sure if the survival of the fittest strategy actually applies here, but some of the auto stands in the evenings do show that it does. 

I am witness to such impromptu boxing sessions almost every evening. I see elderly women, not to mention some younger ones too, literally take part in tug-of-war, and in the process pushing and elbowing their co-passengers to get into the auto. I don’t quite blame them actually; thin…