The Untold Secrets Of The Sea

Sea lovers of the world unite!

The essence of sea—its beauty and charm—can only be felt by people who love visiting the beaches and dreams of building a farmhouse, maybe someday, near a seaside so that they can absorb the awesomeness of early morning sunrise over a cup of tea looking at the waves, enjoy the soothing evening breeze after the sunset, or relish the sumptuous seafood.

Yes, there are such people who long to spend their lives on a beach island. If you ask them what’s so special about the sea, they will tell you there's something which is beyond explanation—there is something that attracts them—is it the waves, the beach-sand, the seashells, the sound of waves hitting the shores... they don’t know. Sometimes it is any one of these factors, sometimes it is a combination of all the factors. Simply put, you have to be there, right in front of the sea, embracing the breeze, and welcoming the waves as if they were your own, in order to know what exactly makes people fall f…

Water Solves All Woes: Tears, Sweat, Or The Sea..

Just the other day, over a hangout session with my friend, I told him it has been a long time since I last went for a vacation and that it is time I get back to packing my travel kit and explore something completely new. 

With an amazed face, he quickly butted in to remind me that barely a fortnight ago I was in the Sundarbans with two friends (Debarshi and Madhumay), not to mention the fact that I'll be travelling to Goa and Andaman and Nicobar Islands in a few months time – to enjoy yet another trip with friends – and that I've plans to visit the hills of North Bengal with my family towards the end of this year. Then he, with a sense of perplexed amusement went on to elaborate on how, for the last six months, I've hardly stayed home in the weekends.
I somehow failed to make him realize the state of my mind – I just need a vacation. A long one. May be for a week or so.
When 'change' becomes a necessity after a certain point of time, just pack your bags and set out …

Sunset: Magic of the Highest Degree

Recently, in one of the trips to Digha, I came across one of nature's truest magics: The Sunset.

Autumn sunsets are special, and this one too, had a profound effect on me. Standing on the beach I witnessed the sun going down, and it appeared as a huge disc of yellow and orange. It had cast a typical haze of reddish orange above the horizon. The sun, from where I was standing, looked like a majestic fireball which was partially shrouded by clouds. The scene seemed straight out from a painter’s canvas, with meticulous strokes of paint brush drawing one of nature’s magnificence. The colour produced in the sky was worth watching as there was vast contrast of various colours. The scene was truly wonderful and created an enigma, a mystery, which was hard to solve.

After a point, I felt, the red fireball was looking at me with dull glare, and I felt I could almost touch it. The dull light of the sun illuminated the atmosphere in a way I had never witnessed before. The sea in front of …