When Death Beckons

At the outset , I think it is important and worth mentioning that I am a thanatophobic (person who is afraid of death). I think it's a bit of information that might add some perspective to what i am about to present. This piece of writing is straight out of my personal diary (dated:05/05/2008)


When sobs take over, tears find place.
Grief overshadows happiness.
Heart feels the anguish and remorse, tongue gets stuck and words of pain lights up my eyes.

Tearful sorrow descends.

Crying out loud, "Give me some light, I want to live.", I say
But my body surrenders to ultimate destination..

In the darkness, my soul awaits
Anticipating my final fate.

As I stare into the space I dare not make a move, for its all darkness around.
The burning snow, or the clouds grey I wonder.
I am just a bird of prey as i see into the eyes of my Fate
who tells me that I am free , but my soul trapped.

The door is wide open but no wings to flee,
all I can see is a burning me amidst a splashing storm in a calm sea.
I cry out loud for someone to hear;

"Give me some light, as I want to live" is all that I could say with rolling tears.


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