Great Indian Cricket Festival (T20/IPL)

India can take the credit of revolutionizing her domestic cricket tournament (DLF Indian Premier League) in such a way that it has become a global phenomenon.It is now a highly watched league in the world,all thanks to Indian Premier League for a brand value it has created for itself.Mr Lalit Kumar Modi has the full freedom of taking the credit for making this league what it is today,it's has become a rage which successfully captured the imagination of the people but spare a thought for the people who were instrumental in formulating a hit format like the twenty20 cricket. If Indian Premier League is a success model in sport today twenty20 format deserves equal credit if not more.

One pertinent question that obviously arise here is, "How/When did this format come into being?" To answer this question we have to divulge certain facts from history.The format of twenty20 or t20 as it is also known is the brain child of England and Wales cricket board(ECB) who first introduced the format in united kingdom for professional inter-county competition,in 2003.Due to its short duration it gets completed in three and half hours,with each innings around 75minutes,thus bringing the game closer to the time span of other popular sports.The idea of a shortened format at professional level was first discussed by ECB in 1998 and then again in 2001.When the Benson and Hedges Cup ended in 2002,the ECB needed another one day competition to take it's place.In the face of declining viewership and sponsorship ECB needed a tournament which could rectify the prevailing situation.Stuart Robertson,the marketing manager of ECB,proposed a 20 over per inning game,which later got validated by the board and name was decided as twenty20.So in came t20,with an honest intend of promoting the game among the youth and in the process take the game to a global stage.Twenty20 was formally launched in 2003 when ECB launched the twenty20 cup and was marketed with the slogan "I don't like cricket, I love it".

Since it's inception the game has spread to many countries around the globe.The popularity of the sport has increased as the viewership level has gone up and the sponsors are back investing huge sums of money.Amidst such happy days critics had their say as well,criticizing the format as a slow poison which in the the long run will spoil the glory of the sport.Many cricket analyst have loathed the format as they feel it will kill the grammar of the sport.many cricket pundits all around the world have argued that since t20 encourages tee-off, youngster wanting to pick up the game will be misguided into believing that cricket is all about trying to hit 6s and 4s.

Whatever said and done t20 cricket is here to stay.In fact in years to come it can well be in contention for substituting ODI (50 over cricket).


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