Nirvana Through SingleHood

"Being in a relationship can be compared to a cage, the bird outside despair to get in and those within despair to get out" - MICHAEL MONTAIGNE

Now if this quote sounds rude to you, then just ignore it you see, continue reading the blog instead.

For the last few years I have been asked one question, a bit too many times: 'kire sala kota meye potali?", as if to suggest that is the only thing left in this beautiful otherwise mundane world to do. Being in a relationship can be all cool and fun and even can attain a level of spirituality (this spiritual thing, though I have never been able to figure out, was first experienced by one of our friend from college, who said she felt something divine and godly being in relationship with her boyfriend.) AGREED!

To all my friends who are engaged and are happy in their world of romance, I wish them good luck, but if being in a relationship can be all hip and roaring then going solo can be fun too. Single life is replete with liberties that you could not have imagined. Here are some of the points why you can take consider to take a leave from the relationship arena and fly solo.
  1. You don't have to tolerate the moodiness and nagging. Fellas, how many times have you been loathed by your partner for reason you still don't know? Relish not being the target of his/her mood swing and the calm that comes when there is no nagging.
  2. You can appreciate your freedom and use the time for solitary fun by going complete mad with whatever you do as their would be no one behind you for moral policing. You have lot of time for yourself which can be used to play your instrument (if you can play), go to gym and do those extra push ups, read your most loved book or watch that film which you liked since childhood for the 12th time may be. Look forward to being spontaneous and not having to be answerable to anyone.
  3. By going single you don't have to tolerate other persons habits and hence you can be completely yourself and be spontaneous.You can go and hang out with friends and attend those most liked vodka party at your friends terrace and go completely crazy.
  4. Be your own boss as in many cases relationships are synonymous with compromise. You eventually have to sacrifice something you really like -- a football game or extra cheese on your pizza -- for the good of the pair. Use your single time to treat yourself a little more. In small doses, selfishness is good for the soul. Being your own boss also means answering to no one. You went to a strip club? You got the scent of some woman's perfume all over your clothes? Enjoy not having to explain your action.
  5. Most importantly being single helps you to flirt as you please. Nothing worse than some nagging voice constantly telling you not to talk or ogle at a killer brunette in front of you.Being single gives you the opportunity to flirt whomever you want whenever you want.
Everything has a good side; you just have to learn how to spot it. Society places too much importance on finding a mate, something your hormones are quick to enforce. The next time you get that pesky feeling that you have to be with someone, remember these points, and you'll savor the joys of being a free bird.

P.S- Before all love guru's barrage me with hate message. Loath or rebuke me. Please allow me to make few things clear. This blog, by no stretch of imagination, vouch for, or encourage single hood life or dis-courage a couple from falling in love. If you are in love, then be happy but if you are not then don't panic as these are the points you can look forward to.

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