Indian Police

A person (men only, women are always beautiful in whatever they do) belonging to the Indian Police force can easily be identified with some typical features:
  • He is a proud owner of a pot-belly 
  • He has a fat double chin 
  • He is usually aged with a shabby look and unfit body structure primarily depicting his sedentary lifestyle 
  • He possesses an outdated weapon (a mere rifle/pistol in most cases).
This is the general description of a person employed in the police force across India. However, there are exceptions. But those people can't be examples as they are a very few in number.

Main job of a policeman is to safeguard the common people from atrocities, and to do that the person should be well equipped and trained, and ready to help whenever called for to do so. Fitness is a major concern, though it an important criterion for selection, yet our policemen once they are into the job, pays little or no attention into that area. How many times have you come across policeman flaunting his well nourished belly? There are many.

It's time they pay serious attention to their physical fitness and remain fit always - during their full tenure of service - and mandatory fitness checks must be put in place in order to promote good health and physique among our policemen. 

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