By the Book

Each time I walk pass the footpaths of Golpark, more often than not I stop by the book shops at the street corners. The book stalls there attract many book lovers like me. 

The series of book shops, lining the footpath, are basically a mini version of College Street and possess a special appeal. Personally I know a friend who, now lives in Maharashtra, ones told me that these book stalls were an important part of her childhood days, and her shopping experience at Gariahat would never be complete without buying a book from one of these stalls.

To satisfy the wants of book worms, these book stalls have a wide range of collections ranging from light reads to classics and novels on college romances, to bestselling thrillers to handbooks on varied subjects. 

Previously, whenever I thought I was in need of a classic or a rare book on fiction, which would otherwise be unavailable in regular book shops in South Kolkata, College Street (Boi Para) used to be the only option available to fall back on. For a person familiar with North Kolkata would invariably relate an image of a man sitting with a pile of old books on a street pavement to College Street (Boi Para). But such sights have now become common in South Kolkata as well, and Golpark is certainly a popular hunting ground for books lovers.    

I remember the first book that I bought from one of the books stalls at Golpark was during the early days in college, when a friend introduced me to this place. The book that I bought was Eric Segal’s Love Story. I vividly remember the amount of bargaining that I had to indulge in, to ensure I was satisfied with what I was offered. The book still remains one of my favourites (both in sense of economics and literal value). Since then I have became a regular visitor to the place. In most cases the purpose was just to have a glimpse of the newly arrived books, glance at the old ones stacked in the shelves, flip through the pages of some and read a line or two along with the blurb.

Golpark book stalls, in some respect resembles College Street. Vendors here sells old, used, second hand books at a discount of 50 percent or more, and it is also great place to find rare books or classics. 

If you are into reading, love to collect books, and want to have a look at new, classics or rare books, then Golpark can be a destination to consider. I certainly recommend! 

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