Sachin Tendulkar: Cricketer Who Became Bigger Than Cricket

Jersey number 10 that Indian Cricket will see no more.
23 years of service finally comes to an end, at least for now, from the shorter format of the game. 

Sudden decision yes, but opportune time none the less. I hear he will play the upcoming series against Pakistan. So fans will get to see their Master take the field for one last time, wearing the number 10 jersey. 

However, as of now, we will get more of him in the longer version of the game. Bharat Ratna or no such honour - how does it matter? He will always be the undisputed King of Cricket.  
I don't remember exactly, from when I started watching cricket. But I do remember, the first thing I knew and understood about the game was this very man,Sachin. He was very young then - short height with peculiar voice and curly hair.  As kids, when we were growing up in the 1990's, Indian cricket was equivalent to the name Sachin Tendulkar. There were several occasions when the fate of a match solely and entirely depended on this man. And he, very ably, carried the expectation of million fans for over a decade. 

Carried the responsibility of Indian batting for more than a decade 
One of the greatest ambassadors to the game, Sachin Tendulkar, has played the game in true spirit – with right balance of aggression and gamesmanship. He has relentlessly strived hard to contribute for his country, and never compromised his passion for the game. A true icon for all aspiring cricketers and a role model for most people looking for motivation and inspiration to succeed in the game. 

His has been a terrific career and it is a tribute to his skills and fitness that he lasted 23 years and now we will enjoy watching him in Tests before he makes a final call on what has been a fabulous career. 

Whether this is a comma, so to speak, before the full-stop to one of the most glittering sagas in the history of the game is something only Tendulkar knows. Fans can only continue to enjoy his game.

Sachin with the ICC World Cup 2011 trophy
Tendulkar’s ODI Record: 

Matches 463, Innings 452

Not out 41, Runs 18,426

Average 44.83, Highest 200 not out
49x100 (20 in India and 29 overseas), 96x50s

154 wickets, 2 x 5 Wickets
Catches 140

Tendulkar’s 18,426 ODI runs is followed by  

Ricky Ponting 13,704 in 375 matches

S. Jayasuriya 13,430 in 445 matches

Inzamam-ul-Haq 11,739 in 378 matches

Jacques Kallis 11,498 in 321 matches

Sourav Ganguly 11,363 in 311 matches

Kumar Sangakkara 10,915 in 337 matches

Rahul Dravid 10,889 in 344 matches

Mahela Jayawardene 10,844 in 386 matches

Brian Lara 10,405 in 299 matches
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