Water Solves All Woes: Tears, Sweat, Or The Sea..

Just the other day, over a hangout session with my friend, I told him it has been a long time since I last went for a vacation and that it is time I get back to packing my travel kit and explore something completely new. 

With an amazed face, he quickly butted in to remind me that barely a fortnight ago I was in the Sundarbans with two friends (Debarshi and Madhumay), not to mention the fact that I'll be travelling to Goa and Andaman and Nicobar Islands in a few months time – to enjoy yet another trip with friends – and that I've plans to visit the hills of North Bengal with my family towards the end of this year. Then he, with a sense of perplexed amusement went on to elaborate on how, for the last six months, I've hardly stayed home in the weekends.
I somehow failed to make him realize the state of my mind – I just need a vacation. A long one. May be for a week or so.

When 'change' becomes a necessity after a certain point of time, just pack your bags and set out for your preferred destination. Or to a place you don't know much about, but can explore through travelling.

I get restless with sameness – same place, same people, and same food; and to get a new perspective, I travel. When I visit a place for the first time, that feel of “out of my element”, gives me the extra kick and excitement. It sparks a strong desire to know. It boosts energy.

I don't know how many of you have experienced it, but then you will see that more you travel, a sense of “out of placeness” tacks itself to memories. And no matter how different they are, those memories blend together to form one cohesive feeling of comfort, of familiarity. Suddenly you will see vulnerability has faded, and every time you are in your elements, you are actually in it.

People ask me about my most preferred travel destination - sea, mountains or forests. Even sometimes back I often joked and tried not to answer the question directly. Simply because I didn't know what the exact answer was. Simply put, I have a dream! Want to visit the best of the beaches around the world. The best mountains, and the best plains. How I wish I were a traveller, constantly on the move from one city to another. From one country to another. New places, new people, new food, new culture. Oh, how I wish I were a traveller.

Picture taken @ Digha

But if you ask me personally, may be I would confess my love for waves and the sound it creates, for the sands, for the shores and for the beaches. Yes, I have always loved the sea more than anything else. The proverbial long walk on the beach, and listening to waves crash on the shore - I really am an islander at heart and truly believe that water solves all woes: tears, sweat, or the sea - and failing that, a scalding hot bath!


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