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Romancing The Rain

My relationship with rain go back a long way: ever since I was a little kid. I vividly remember my mother and grandmother getting angry each time I returned home from school fully drenched from head to shoes. It was not that I didn't have an umbrella, but I'd always loved getting wet in the rain. During a rainy day nothing beats the comfort of sitting by the window side and watching the pitter-patter of the raindrops. Nothing is more satisfying than inhaling the fragrance of wet earth and feeling the cool breeze in your face, with a cup of hot coffee. To my great delight, today it rained more than I expected, bringing much needed relief from the scorching heat. For few hours at least, life turns bearable again.
However, with the monsoons and all its romanticism, come other freebies: water logging, train delays, traffic stagnation, dirty water all over the roads, roof leaks, laziness, late to office, couple walking in the rain under an umbrella and finally one, or both of them…