Autos and Ladies!

A typical auto ride on the Kolkata roads or lanes is no longer all that fun. Times have changed and so have the way autos move around in the city. Things, however, were a lot different even few years back. But those days are long gone when one didn’t have to worry a lot about going out in the morning. Autos were readily available, and the autowallas were more than happy to give you a ride. 

But now it’s different. And in the changed scenario, people have also become a lot more aggressive. They are ready to push, pull, shove, and even abuse in order to get a seat. Not quite sure if the survival of the fittest strategy actually applies here, but some of the auto stands in the evenings do show that it does. 

I am witness to such impromptu boxing sessions almost every evening. I see elderly women, not to mention some younger ones too, literally take part in tug-of-war, and in the process pushing and elbowing their co-passengers to get into the auto. I don’t quite blame them actually; things are like that in the evenings. The more you push, pull or abuse, better are your chances of getting a seat!

However, the story doesn’t end here. In one such evening, when I was on my way home, a girl seated next to me in the auto revealed half of her life's secret without even knowing. 

Wondering how? 

In the 15 minutes journey, the time she chatted away over phone possibly with one of her friends, I came to know some of the rather unnecessary personal details about her life like: her name, the place she works, name of her boss, a guy who flirts with her in office, what she had last night for dinner, what she will wear to office the next day, why she is not talking to her boy-friend and that he should be taught a lesson. The last part scared me and I started to miss my head-phone. 

Yes, that evening I really missed my head-phone! I wished it was there with me. She was weird and loud.
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