How Stars Wish

Last night I saw a cute little boy, a beautiful woman and a tinsel town heartthrob, wish upon a star. I tried to examine them (their eyes) very closely. From many light-years away, I was witness to the innocence and hapless look on their faces. Everyday so many questions and wishes are sent up to the sky with anticipation that my friends and members of the space, who twinkle during the night, would have the answers to all the problems. As I look at their tearful eyes, I can’t help but wonder what is it that has made us seem so superior in their minds. Why do they feel we are extraordinary? What makes them think we are invincible? On the contrary, it is they who are gifted with all the powers which we, from up here, believe is nothing less than special.

As I saw the beautiful woman last night with folded hands praying for her husband’s well-being, I too wished someone would care for me the same way. I have never known what it is to be cared and loved.

When I saw the cute boy looking up at the sky from his balcony with an innocent face and wishing his mother be fit again to walk, like she used to during his childhood, I could hardly hold my tears back. I felt so helpless. Doesn’t he know cancer is incurable? Who will tell that innocent boy that we can’t save lives? Who will tell him we don’t have that power?  

The tinsel town hero wanted his next film to be a hit, so that he could finish the year on a high. He prayed for over an hour, with eyes closed and hands folded. He looked so much at peace. He looked so composed. There was a glow on his face. In the eyes of the people he is one of the best actors around. He is a rich and successful businessman too. Yet, he prayed for more. He prayed so that his success didn’t fade. He prayed to live. He prayed for happiness. I wish I could say to him that you are doing a good job, dude. You are a great entertainer and people love you for that. You are a successful entrepreneur. And you have a happy family too. For a man that is the ultimate dream. You have it all. Why ask for more? And that too from us who wander in the space completely clueless and directionless? We glow, we wander around in the space because we don’t deserve to be on the Earth. We are the ones with lesser powers!

So next time you think of wishing upon us to fulfill all your desires and dreams, know that we are wishing on you with one hope that one day we can become like you. We can become humans.

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