The Untold Secrets Of The Sea

Is magic not enough to live for?
Sea lovers of the world unite!

The essence of sea—its beauty and charm—can only be felt by people who love visiting the beaches and dreams of building a farmhouse, maybe someday, near a seaside so that they can absorb the awesomeness of early morning sunrise over a cup of tea looking at the waves, enjoy the soothing evening breeze after the sunset, or relish the sumptuous seafood.

Yes, there are such people who long to spend their lives on a beach island. If you ask them what’s so special about the sea, they will tell you there's something which is beyond explanation—there is something that attracts them—is it the waves, the beach-sand, the seashells, the sound of waves hitting the shores... they don’t know. Sometimes it is any one of these factors, sometimes it is a combination of all the factors. Simply put, you have to be there, right in front of the sea, embracing the breeze, and welcoming the waves as if they were your own, in order to know what exactly makes people fall for its charm!

Everywhere is within walking distance
if you have the time. - Steven Wright

It's a personal thing, I understand. 
Some people love beaches, some mountains. However, unless you have experienced the true essence of both, you won't learn to respect either of them. 

I have heard people say, 'why beach, again?’ to which, I ask, "why not beach, again?' 

I mean come on, if you can find peace looking at a hill, I can get that same peace, if not more, by walking along a beach line. A long walk along the beach can often energize the body, revitalize the senses, and reaffirm one's existence. 

Beaches, after all, say a story that only their lovers, precisely beach lovers, can hear; rest can only visit the place for fun, joy, and merriment. Of course, holidays are for fun, and people seek happiness in travel. But each beach destination has its unique story. True lovers visit to communicate with the waves, the sand, the shells, etc. in a way only they can!

So, next time you visit a seaside and you succeed in communicating with the waves, do let me know, we can share our stories
the untold secrets of the sea! 
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