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Wonderful Satkosia

A two-day trip to Satkosia Tiger Reserve, on the banks of the Mahanadi River has left a lasting impression on our minds. Four of us (Madhumay, Jeetu Bhai, Debarshi, and me), away from the hustle and bustle of the city, had a very pleasing stay at one of the cottages in Purnakot (maintained by the Government of Orissa). 
Satkosia offers something to all nature lovers. Studded with mountains full of vegetation, creeks, caves and waterfalls, surrounded by wilderness and mountains on all sides, all one can think of here is how wonderful life could be without gadgets — we did not even have a mobile network there, and the best part, we did not miss it either. 
With beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sceneries, and unique animal habitat this place is a photographer’s delight. By the time we entered Satkosia, our cameras were already out. From macros to landscapes, we captured everything that caught our eye. While my three friends had their own DSLRs, I managed it quite well with my Sony Cybers…