Baguran Jalpai - A Serene and Unexplored Beach on the Bay of Bengal

Baguran Jalpai Beach 
The serene and quiet beach of Baguran Jalpai 

If you are a beach lover like me living in West Bengal and a beach destination is on the top of your mind, and also looking for options beyond the popular choices (of Digha, Mandarmoni, Tajpur and Shankarpur), then Baguran Jalpai is the perfect option for your next weekend getaway. The place is very close to Kolkata and is along the same stretch as the beaches mentioned above.

Baguran Jalpai is the perfect option for your next weekend getaway

... you can barely find a human soul 

Baguran Jalpai, an uncharted and a tranquil beach destination on the Bay of Bengal, is just 165 km away from Kolkata, completely secluded and peaceful, away from the cacophony of the city life. The entire length of the beach is bordered with dense forest of casuarina trees and is completely devoid of tourists. One of the reasons for that could be that the place is relatively new in the tourism map of West Bengal, hence not many people are aware of the beauty it offers. While it is true that you can barely find a human soul on the seashore, millions of red crabs inhabit the place and as a result the beach turns red when the they come out of their tiny little holes in the sand.

The beach is bordered with dense forest of casuarina trees

When you are at the Baguran Jalpai beach, it is just you accompanied by the waves, the cool breeze, and the ever-expanding horizon.  Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it is a perfect place to enjoy the much-needed peace and silence. While the cool breeze in the evening can bring solace to your mind and blow exhaustion away from your tired body, the soothing sounds of birds chirping while returning to their nests and waves crashing on the shores as the sun sets on the horizon can be an experience to savor.

The view of the sunset is an experience to savor

Though the beach is the primary attraction in Baguran Jalpai, however, you can explore places around the area and visit the village nearby. You can walk around the village, interact with the locals, clicks pictures and learn about their culture, language, and way of living. There is a fishing harbor in Baguran Jalpai. You can visit the place to get a glimpse of the various types of fishing trailers and fishing nets, also spend some time talking to the local fishermen about their work and how they lead their lives on the water all round the year. It can be a fascinating experience to hear about these men talking about their life in water.

Fisherwomen busy at work

Where to Stay

Apart from Sagar Niralay, there are no other options to stay in Baguran. At least, not yet (as on August 2017). Sagar Niralay is a big property located in the middle of the casuarina forest and around 100-meter away from the sea. The resort has both room and tent accommodations including four spacious four-bed rooms and one double-bed room. A new three-storey building is coming up shortly, which will have AC rooms with state-of-the-art facilities for the guests.

What to Eat

Since the place is in a remote location and not properly developed yet, it mainly serves modest Bengali food with lot of different types of fish like pomfret, jumbo prawns, bhetki, and hilsa. You can expect freshly cooked crabs for lunch as well. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options are available. Besides, for special dishes, you have to order in advance. The resort does not have a bar, so if you are a drinker it is recommended to buy your liquor from Contai.

How to reach Baguran Jalpai

Air: The nearest Airport is the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.

Car: While driving from Kolkata, you have to reach Contai (Kanthi) first. From Kanthi, Baguran Jalpai is around 14 km. There are two ways to reach Baguran beach from Kanthi. The first route is via Junput road: Take the Junput road and drive straight until you hit the Sea Dike road, then take a right from Sea Dike road and the beach will be to your left.

The second route is via Contai-Soula road: Take the Contai-Soula road and drive straight until you hit the Sea Dike road, then take a left from Sea Dike road and the beach will be to your right. 

Bus: First, reach Contai, and then take a shared trekker until Baguran Jalpai. Else, you can call the hotel officials and they will arrange a transport for you.

When to Visit

The place can be visited round the year. However, the period between the October to March is best time to visit Baguran Jalpai. The place is also beautiful during rainy season.  

Nearby Attractions

1. Junput - 5 km from Baguran Jalpai
2. Mandarmoni - 32km from Baguran Jalpai
3. Digha - 45 km from Baguran Jalpai
4. Tajpur - 35 km from Baguran Jalpai
5. Bankiput - 12 km from Baguran Jalpai

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