Tajpur Beach - Refreshing Experience

The wooden embankment on the beach

When it comes to planning a beach holiday, Bengalis largely prefer Digha mainly because of accessibility (it's well connected to Kolkata by road/rails). Tourists from across the state throng to the beach to spend some quality time with their family and friends. As a result, Digha is now one of the congested beaches in West Bengal, and it remains so throughout the year.

Why Tajpur?

I always prefer a peaceful place for my holidays which offer serenity and calmness. 

Since Digha no longer fit into that category, I chose Tajpur, located in East Medinipur district, between Mandarmani and Shankarpur, for my weekend trip. I have been there couple of times in the past, and I love going there because of the beach, the sand and the red crabs. The hundreds of red crabs crawling and playing hide and seek on the sand is a special attraction. In addition, the beauty of the casuarina trees that surround the sea shore truly offers great visual pleasures.

A panoramic view of the casuarina forest

Tajpur, on the shore of Bay of Bengal, is 170 km from Kolkata, and because of its strategic location is becoming one of the popular beach destinations in the state. The beach in Tajpur has an unusual shape—an inverted crescent—which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea.

Collectibles from the beach :) 

How to reach Tajpur? 

Reaching Tajpur is easy: There are many options available from Kolkata; however, for a faster and comfortable journey it is better to opt for trains.

It takes close to 3.30-4.00 hours to reach Ramnagar from Howrah. From Ramnagar, you can hire a trekker to reach Tajpur. Motor rickshaws and trekkers are available in plenty.

Alternatively, you drive to Tajpur. After crossing Contai and Chaulkhola crossings, you will reach Balisai. From the Balisai crossing, turn left and drive straight to Tajpur.   

Where to stay in Tajpur?

Compared to Digha and Mondarmoni, there are not many hotels/resorts in Tajpur. But there are enough to accommodate people who book in advance. If you are visiting during the summer, it’s alright if you don’t pre-book your rooms. But during winters the demand for rooms is high. So, it’s better to book the rooms little in advance.

The main gate of the Mouchak Hotels and Resorts, Tajpur

I stayed at the Mouchak Hotels and Resorts, Tajpur. It’s a decent and budget friendly hotel with all basic facilities including, a park, huge pond where you can spend time fishing, badminton court, parking area and 24-hr power supply. There are both AC and non-AC rooms available and you can choose as per your budget and preference. The food they serve is good, though there are not much variety in the menu, but the basic Bengali cuisines are available at a reasonable rate and they taste good too. The property is clean and tidy and is well maintained.

What to see/do in Tajpur?

Tajpur offers numerous options for adventure lovers. From Parasailing, Rafting and Kayaking, Tajpur has it all. However, these come with potential security risks as well. The people who organize these sports are often unskilled and won’t be of use in case a mishap happens. So, my advice is to simply avoid these ’adventure sports’ if possible, and enjoy the beach instead.

Adventure sports at the Tajpur beach

Tajpur is famous for Pisciculture and around 1400 acres of land dedicated for breeding and rearing of fish. Besides, there are several bheris or fish-ponds in the area where you can go and talk to the locals to understand how process of breeding. If you are lucky, the locals can even offer you some fresh catch, at a much lower price.

Sunset at the Tajpur beach

The beach in Tajpur is expansive and is a perfect to spend time either taking a stroll or playing with the waves and sands. There are a lot of beach-side shacks that serve chilled beer with hot and delicious fish fires.

Tajpur provides a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation, and is highly recommended to all people looking to unwind after a hard week at work.

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