About Me

Writing your own 'Bio' is never easy. And, for a person like me, who always has problems answering 'tell-me-something-about-yourself' type questions, writing an 'About Me' page for my own blog is never easy.

So, I asked a friend to pen a few words about me - what he thinks of me from our years of association and friendship. Thankfully, he obliged and made my job easier. What you would read below is a short Bio about me written by my good friend Debarshi Kanjilal.

"Nayan Basu, wow it has been a decade knowing this pragmatic fellow. Nayan was born in Calcutta, and grew up in a fast-changing part of the city. Evolution, it seems, is in his genes. He has faced many challenges and turned them all around into opportunities.

Nayan is an emotional person. And if any other attribute of his matches his being in touch with his emotions, it is his wanderlust. He travels often and like a smart guy, doesn't discriminate against his own country in this regard.

Apart from travel, he is also particularly interested in movies. Don't tell him that Shah Rukh Khan is a bad actor - his emotions may just start pouring out of his eyes!

Nayan is deceptively well read, which makes him eloquent in speech and erudite in thinking. Ohh, did I tell you that he is a particularly good writer? Well, he is. And you don't have to take my word for it. You have got this blog all for your reading!

To know more about me, connect me on:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nimobasu
Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/bongbasu