Movie Review | Ranjana : Precious and Everlasting Experience

Paray dhukle thang khora kore debo 
Boleche parar dada ra 
Onno para diye jacchi tai.... 
Ranjana ami r asbo naaa ……….

The creator of this ageless song has come a long way since its composition about two decades ago. Now of course he is a renowned film maker in the Bengali film-industry. And his latest film, Ranjana Ami R Asbona, is successfully running in Kolkata theaters.

Talking about the film, one must say - this is the best work of Anjan Dutt till date. When he made Bong Connection in 2007, it was a path breaking moment in Bengali cinema. I feel it helped change the face of Bengali Film Industry and people started to think differently. And ever since Bong Connection, there has been a significant drift in the main stream Bengali cinema, and new directors are experimenting with new stories, and as a result fresh thoughts and concepts are coming to the fore.

In his latest film, Ranjana Ami R Asbona, he has surpassed all expectations and come up with an exceptional performance, both as director and actor. Not often do you laugh, sing, feel happy and cry with the narrative flow of the film; Ranjana Ami R Asbona makes you to do all that. The notion of a young film has been completely rewritten by Dutt as we see four men in their mid-fifties (Anjan Dutt, Nondon Bagchi, Lew Hilt and Amyt Datta) rock the stage as a Bangla Band, only reiterating that when you have love, passion and urge for music, age can never be a barrier. This group of lusty, amusing, mad, irreverent oldies are good lovable in their ugliness. 

The baldly Gaanwala Kabir Suman, who is there as a guest actor, is another leaf who is still green in his sixties, and left music in search of more meaningful things in life. Surprisingly, this group of old men represents and portrays, at least for me, the essence of youth rather uncannily. 

Ranjana is very much a Bengali Film. The treatment, even though it may seem otherwise apparent, is Bengali. The typical north Calcutta home, where Abani Sen lives, symbolizes the cosmopolitan Bengali, who drinks whisky and talks about Rabindranath Tagore. The emotion of Calcutta is very well captured and the lyrical quality of the songs add value to each reel that has been rolled.

Amar akash ami jotoi hazar onno rong’e aki..akash se to neel theke jai 
Amar sada kalo ei sohor se to sada kaloi theke… jodio nongin neon jalai..
koto hajar hajar sorir amay roj chuye jacche..tader gondho amar naake mukhe gaye
Niye cholchi ami tader lojja amar du choke...amay niye cholche j sobai .........

Anjan Dutt’s act as Abani Sen is a path breaking performance, and with this Dutt has raised the bar to such a level where we can safely say he is one of the best actors in the country. May be Anjan Dutt himself is unaware of the fact. Never ever has an actor/director taken so much responsibility upon himself and delivered it convincingly.

This film surely is a precious, delicate and everlasting experience.

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