Short Story Review | The Red Thread by Debeshi Gooptu

Short Story Review | The Red Thread by Debeshi Gooptu
Cover | Short Story | The Red Thread by Debeshi Gooptu
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Title: The Red Thread
Type: Short Story 
Genre: Romance
Format: Kindle 

I came across this book, The Red Thread, on Twitter when the author shared it on her timeline. I am fond of the writer a lot and having read her previous work, The Gurgaon Diaries, few months back, I didn’t waste much time before going ahead and buying the Kindle version that is available on Amazon.   

This is a typical short story about a poor boy named, Adnan, falling in love with a wealthy girl next-door named Rai. The romance was just beginning to blossom when the one of them dies. And the story ends there. Often in stories like these we know there can be two possible endings: either a happy ending or a sad one. This story trends down the second path in a rather matter-of-fact manner.

For a short story, characters are often set in a predefined milieu and they exist there (well, mostly!) for the entire length of the story. There is not much scope for the characters to flourish or change their behavior patterns. Moreover, they have must hit the ground running right from the start to keep the readers engaged.

The Red Thread manages to create the milieu. It manages to grab your attention. However, it gets over before the emotional bond develops with the characters.

I found climax of the story a little rushed. Maybe, I was looking for the romance to blossom and take a certain shape before the catastrophe could hit them? 

I would not like to give away anything further and urge you to buy the book online. 

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