Film Review | Dwitiyo Purush by Srijit Mukherji

Dwitiyo Purush poster | P.C. SVF
Mounting a film like Dwitiyo Purush, a sequel of one of the most successful movies in the previous decade, Baishe Srabon, released in 2011, is never easy. While one must remain true to the cinematic universe of the previous film and ensure you are careful with all minute details regarding timelines and character sketches, it also comes with enormous burden of audience expectation. Comparisons are bound to happen and as a writer you must keep that in mind. 

By now, we, the movie going audience in Bengal, can safely say that Srijit Mukherji looks at home when he's making thrillers. I personally believe he understands the genre better than most of writers/directors we currently have in India today.

However, at the very outset, I must let the cat out of the bag: Dwitiyo Purush is by no means a perfect piece of art. Though there was no dearth of eventful moments in the film, given the number of murders that happen during its run time, I got a feeling the plot was dragging itself towards the all-important climax, and until that time, the characters simply existed and went on with their lives. The last thirty minutes is when the film comes alive. And, it feels almost deliberate from the part of the director to keep it that way before the big reveal happens in the climax.