About Me

You Are? 

The name is Nayan Basu which, to be honest, doesn't have the Bond-James-Bond ring to it. As to who I am, I would say if there are few things in life that excite me, cricket, cinema, books and travel would probably top the list.

Yes, that's me! :)  

Do people find your name weird? 

Well, I hope not. However, people sometimes have trouble pronouncing my name. ☺☺ 

Do you work?

Yes, I am a Learning Experience Designer working in one of the leading MNCs.   

Are you on Facebook and Twitter? 

Yes. I am pretty active on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you open to collaborating with brands? 

I always look forward to interesting and challenging projects as a Travel Blogger/Writer and Social Media Marketer. I would like to participate in blogger meets and interact with fellow bloggers. Please get in touch with me on nynbasu@gmail.com if you would like to collaborate with me. 

Travel Writer
  • For publications – print and online
  • For guidebooks, coffee table books
  • For blogs and websites
  • For social media platforms

Content Development
  • For blogs, websites, apps, books, marketing collateral (across genres) 
  • For videos and images
  • For supplements and specials

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