Book Review | Based on Lies: Unhinged by Debarshi Kanjilal

Book Cover: Based on Lies

Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Format:  Kindle
Language: English 

It’s been two years since the Based on Lies: Crimes of Love had released. I remember writing about it (the review for which is available on this blog) within days of reading the novella. The first installment of the Based on Lies saga ended on a cliffhanger and left many its readers like me curious. The second part of the book, which is now finally out, released in May 2020, doesn’t waste much time in antiques and hits the ground running right from the start.

The second part, Based on Lies: Unhinged, which is basically the climax of the novella, starts with conversations between Anurag and his therapist. And through these series conversations, the readers get a little sneak-peek into the backstories of the characters, which was one of the elements missing in the first part. How did Anurag and Aditi meet? The books answers it in a precise manner.