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Indian Police

A person (men only, women are always beautiful in whatever they do) belonging to the Indian Police force can easily be identified with some typical features:
He is a proud owner of a pot-belly He has a fat double chin He is usually aged with a shabby look and unfit body structure primarily depicting his sedentary lifestyle He possesses an outdated weapon (a mere rifle/pistol in most cases). This is the general description of a person employed in the police force across India. However, there are exceptions. But those people can't be examples as they are a very few in number.

Main job of a policeman is to safeguard the common people from atrocities, and to do that the person should be well equipped and trained, and ready to help whenever called for to do so. Fitness is a major concern, though it an important criterion for selection, yet our policemen once they are into the job, pays little or no attention into that area. How many times have you come across policeman flaunting his well …

It’s Time To Play

The last three months have been very eventful as far as India's hosting of Common Wealth Games (CWG) are concerned. A lot has been said, written and viewed, in a much hard hitting manner by the media houses in the country and around the world about the precarious state of games village. The CWG which previously has never been of much importance to us (Indians), suddenly became an issue and we stood up and took notice of the situation. All of the events that have been successful in attaining the media headlines were not something to feel proud or happy. 

To start with, the news of the financial corruptions surrounding the games is not alien to all. The money loot, which basically was done at tax payer’s expense, amounted to more than 70,000 crores and the reasons that were cited later for such extravagant spending became a joke for all and sundry. Apart from the money sweep that took place, there were several cases of hopeless infrastructure management which resulted in newly …