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By the Book

Each time I walk pass the footpaths of Golpark, more often than not I stop by the book shops at the street corners. The book stalls there attract many book lovers like me. 

The series of book shops, lining the footpath, are basically a mini version of College Street and possess a special appeal. Personally I know a friend who, now lives in Maharashtra, ones told me that these book stalls were an important part of her childhood days, and her shopping experience at Gariahat would never be complete without buying a book from one of these stalls.

To satisfy the wants of book worms, these book stalls have a wide range of collections ranging from light reads to classics and novels on college romances, to bestselling thrillers to handbooks on varied subjects. 

Previously, whenever I thought I was in need of a classic or a rare book on fiction, which would otherwise be unavailable in regular book shops in South Kolkata, College Street (Boi Para) used to be the only option available to fall bac…