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Manali - By the River Beas

It has been a few weeks since I returned from Manali, but the memories of the trip is still fresh  and will remain deeply etched in my mind for my entire life. It was a short trip, but a very effective one. From exploring beautiful places, to travelling along the hilly roads, to meeting new people and trying local food, it was an experience to remember.

Kullu and Manali are two very stunning places in the snow-clad ranges of the majestic Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh. While the serene Kullu valley is home to scores of magnificent temples and castles, Manali, located to the northern end of the Kullu Valley, at an altitude of 2,050 meters in the Beas River Valley, is a stunning hilltop with wading water streams, rivers and lofty mountains.

As you enter the breathtaking Kullu valley, the first sight that greets you is the umpteen number of apple orchards laden with ripe fruits on both sides of the road. It is often said that the apple trees along with trout (a type of fish), w…

Tajpur Beach - Refreshing Experience

When it comes to planning a beach holiday, Bengalis largely prefer Digha mainly because of accessibility (it's well connected to Kolkata by road/rails). Tourists from across the state throng to the beach to spend some quality time with their family and friends. As a result, Digha is now one of the congested beaches in West Bengal, and it remains so throughout the year.
Why Tajpur?
I always prefer a peaceful place for my holidays which offer serenity and calmness. 
Since Digha no longer fit into that category, I chose Tajpur, located in East Medinipur district, between Mandarmani and Shankarpur, for my weekend trip. I have been there couple of times in the past, and I love going there because of the beach, the sand and the red crabs. The hundreds of red crabs crawling and playing hide and seek on the sand is a special attraction. In addition, the beauty of the casuarina trees that surround the sea shore truly offers great visual pleasures.

Tajpur, on the shore of Bay of Bengal, is 17…